Emperor makes his New Year’s Speech

In his first New Year’s State of the Empire address, Emperor Tzion I outlined his intent for the Atteran Imperial Government in the coming months, and also announced the appointment of a Regent upon the beginning of his deployment to the Middle East as the ongoing build up of US Military Forces prepares for war with Iraq. In the address, the Emperor touched on four major areas for the Imperial Government to continue to work, and improve upon. These areas were foreign affairs, the economy, domestic issues, and immigration.

The major announcement was that of the appointment of a regent sometime in February 2003. The Emperor announced that effective the first day after he deploys to the Middle East, Prime Minister Liam Sinclair will become the Regent and carry out the duties of the office of Emperor until the Emperor’s return. The deployment will likely last at least six months – the standard deployment time for any unit within a NATO member’s military.

The Emperor will be one of approximately four of Attera’s online citizens who will be deploying to the Middle East in the coming weeks. In order to address this deficiency in the online activity of the nation, the Emperor directed the Imperial Government to begin a recruitment campaign for new citizens while he is deployed. The campaign, which has been underway for the last month, is expected to intensify in the coming months, and the Prime Minister has directed some members of the Government to begin visiting other Ezboards on recruitment campaigns.

On the economy, the Emperor stated his satisfaction with how the Atteran economy has arisen to become “the microworld’s most valuable currency and economy” and stated that the Imperial Government will be tasked with assisting other nations with setting up an economy of their own. The economy issue is currently the main issue driving the Atteran Foreign Policy, however, the Emperor stated that it will not be the only driving device in the nation’s foreign policy, citing that reestablishing ties with former friends, and mending old wounds with Attera’s enemies will also be a prime issue for the Imperial Foreign Ministry in the new year.

Finally, the Emperor announced that on July 31, 2004, a nationwide referendum will be held to determine the fate of the nation. Some citizens, namely the offline ones, wish Attera to become more secessionists, while others wish it to remain more of a hobby. The referendum will put this issue to a vote and decide the nation’s future.

Prime Minister Sinclair did not make a New Year’s address as he is on leave until January 08/2003. However, he said that among the major issues for his cabinet in the new year, in addition to the Emperor’s wishes, are the establishment of a political party system for the nation, and the continued evolution of Attera’s economic system to include a stock market, in addition to the currently operational commodities market.

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