Emperor petitions for first member of High Court

Geneva, Alexandria; The Genevan Arrow His Imperial Majesty started a petition in Place du Marmion today nominating Juan Ciervo, known as Jon, as the first member of the High Court of Justice established under the Constitution of 2005. The Constitution of 2005 was recently passed by the Imperial Parliament of Alexandria, making it the law of the land.

Juan Ciervo was an able Grand Admiral of the Grand Imperial Navy of Alexandria. He was given medals and recognized for his work during internal crisis. He recently resigned his position in the Navy and is now retired, quoting as his reason that he wished to serve in some other positions in Alexandria.

So far the petition has recieved three out of four endorsements needed to get Juan Ciervo into the High Court of Alexandria. If this petition is approved, Juan Ciervo will become Lord Chief Justice. This is the first time in Alexandrian history that an indepenent judiciary has been set up and the first time in Alexandrian history that it is staffed by actual Justices. In the past, severe inactivity has pushed judiciary powers into the hands of the Emperor.

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