Empress introduces legislation to favour the Atteran protectorates

The Consolidation of the Commonwealth Act, tabled today in the Grand Executive Council, is the first imperial legislative bill since the Establishment of the Regency Act passed back in January 2003. The bill, authored and introduced by Her Majesty, HIH Marie I, will allocate Atteran land on the Alternate Realities world map to the member nations of the Atteran Commonwealth. With the recent deployment of many Atterans to the war against Iraq, the AtterComm member-states of Syrah and Transattera were made into protectorates until the return of their populations.

In order to keep all of Attera and its protectorates together on one world map project, this bill will provide Syrah, Transattera, and the Atteran colonies of Aersat and Ecosse with land in the north-eastern part of the nation. Furthermore, Aersat and Ecosse will be combined into one colony that the Atteran Empire will continue to develop for their independence in the future in order to make the colony viable for the time when it does achieve independence.

In addition to the geographical proposals, Her Majesty also recommended governance proposals in the bill. Syrah and Transattera will become directly administered by the Grand Executive Council and fall under all Atteran laws. Aersat and Ecosse will be continued to hold their own elected governments, which will be headed by a prime minister, and the Governor-General will represent the head of state of the Atteran Empire. Finally, each protectorate will be permitted to send a non-voting member to the Grand Executive Council upon the protectorate reaching a population minimum of three people.

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