EMSL begins with high scoring draw

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A high scoring draw greeted the new EMSL season, with Wizards SC Westmore and Vayelon Firewolves entertaining the crowd with a 6-6 draw. Disappointingly, this was the only match played as the three other matches were won on default; see full result here

The Wizards opened the scoring with a slick move that originated in the corner. A quickly taken free kick saw players rush to the front post, only to realise too late that this was a decoy that left the back post open for an easy header by the captain. A passage of sustained pressure then ensured, and it was only a matter of time before the Wizards scored again. They duly did this twice, and only a rare counterattack from the Firewolves that ended in the striker beating the ‘keeper one-on-one ensured that the Firewolves stayed in touch.

Whatever the Firewolves’ manager said to them during the break worked, for they came out a more determined team. A shot that rattled the crossbar was the first indication that things were going to be different, and such was their play that the Wizard’s left defender was the first recipient of a yellow card for the season; an ugly hack at the striker’s legs when he was past gave the referee no option.

Two free kicks later, the game was all squared up at three all. For both, the Wizards’ ‘keeper rightly blamed his defence. Both times the ball had found its way to an unmarked man, who duly converted. With the chant of the crowd ringing in their ears, the Wizards’ fell behind to a sweet move originating from the back, a passage of play in which no Wizards’ players managed to touch.

The Wizards’ then seemed to switch to a long ball game, playing a version of total football; in attack, all were up, in defence, all were back. They were stung again and again in the counter attack and it was more good luck then skill that they only conceded two more goals. But weight of numbers finally paid off and a shot took a deflection to leave them only one goal down. The Wizards peppered the goals, and the ‘keeper was unsighted as the last goal was scored with 3 minuted remaining.

So 6 all in the match, and what a cracking start for the EMSL. The managers’ might not be happy, but the fans certainly got their money’s worth. Too bad for the fans who travelled to see the Gotzborg Eagles, Gloriae FC or Arzan, as they won on default. Next round promises to be interesting indeed.

Ernest Wilde
Ernest Wilde is also manager of the Gotzborg Eagles football team

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