Era ends in Puritania

An era in Puritanian legislative history has come to an end. Puritania’s most active, and vocal, Speaker of the Tynwald, Alan Grieve, has formally resigned the position in order to take up his new post as Lord Chief Justice of the High Court. He will be replaced by David Beckford, who narrowly won the election for the position by just one vote over Kuralyov.
Lord Chief Justice Grieve will be joined by Justice Liam Sinclair, who was appointed to the High Court by Grieve earlier this week.

Beckford looks forward to filling the post of Speaker, which he calls a position that is necessary so that Puritania will not “descend into crippling chaos and, eventually, inactivity.”

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Liam Sinclair
Owner/Senior Editor. One of the longest-serving micronational journalists, Sinclair started reporting in 2001. His work has since been recognized by several community awards.
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