Estates-General considering sweeping change in Madland

Geneva, Madland; MBCC News – The Emperor of Madland today proposed a bill that would bring sweeping changes into Madland. This bill would amend the Madlandian Constitution to change the name of Madland to Alexandria.

The bill is set to have opposition from the traditionally conservative Monarchist Coalition Party and its leader Lord Pontmercy.

The bill, if approved, would create a parliamentary committee that would enforce the amendment, draft a declaration of seriousness for Madland and ensure that Madland’s names and institutions stay true to the nation’s theme and character.

This is the first time in Madland’s two-year history that such sweeping reform is proposed. Many believe that if the bill is passed, the Parliamentary Committee would probably change the nation’s theme to make their job easier.

The bill is currently in debate in the Estates-General:

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