EXTRA! EXTRA! Duke Altamore in Hospital

© 2004 Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg. All Rights Reserved. Originally published in The Gotzborg Eagle, reproduced under license to Sinclair Publications.

Lonenberg (GP) – The Royal Chancellor of Gotzborg, His Grace Robert, Duke of Altamore, was admitted to hospital last week with a case of pneumonia.

Angel, Duchess of Altamore was finally able to take some time to return home at which point she informed the Royal Family, requesting that all persons who would have reason to know about this are informed.

Being that Duke Altamore has encompassed the depth and breadth of micronationalism in many ways, be it through work on the Aremberg-Velsen Pact, through his outstanding Judicial and Legal work, his aggressive and effective diplomatic work, his role as Royal Cancellor or his unceasing desire to continue to draw everyone together into the larger micronational community we are, Duke Robert has created much respect for himself and his home in Gotzborg.

The Gotzborg Eagle would take a step outside of the usual journalism to ask all persons to please put your prayers or thoughts with Robert as he recovers. Those interested may come by the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg and post their thoughts, comments and wishes which we will see get delivered to the Duke.

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