Ezboard Purge Comes Out of “Nowhere”

Ezboard announced yesterday that it will conduct its annual purge of the inactive boards on its servers tomorrow, May 29/2003. The announcement left little in terms of notice of the move by the popular discussions forum host, and this lack of notice is expected to cause the destruction of several micronational ezboards, which were either password protected, or restricted to posting by administrators of the board. Several micronationalists continue at this eleventh hour to try to get in contact with people who may have the powers over the endangered boards. If you have any powers over the following boards, please make a post so that we can preserve history for another year, and remove the protection so that in future years, any micronationalist can complete the procedure.

http://pub19.ezboard.com/bbantya – passworded to post
http://pub6.ezboard.com/btheuniteddemesosforums – administrators only can post
http://pub14.ezboard.com/bundergroundcommandcenter – passworded to view
http://pub39.ezboard.com/btymariancentralbank – administrators only
http://pub65.ezboard.com/btherasinateimperialgovernment – passworded to view
http://pub79.ezboard.com/bdemocracyoftheskerryisles – passworded to view

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