Famed Kingdom returns to existence

Having fallen into inactivity by mid-2005, the Kingdom of Morovia, once a beacon of the Anglophone micronational community earlier this decade, has returned to activity. Under the guidance of its founder, Vincent III, the micronation will undergo new elections over the course of the following month. The victors of that election will make the final decision as to whether or not the return of Morovia will remain permanent.

Nostalgic hopes for a vibrant campaign, reminiscent of the dynamic political Morovian life of years gone by, have already lured many Morovians back to their native micronation, including several who have been absent from active micronational life for considerable time. In such past campaigns were forceful discussions of many issues, from micronational aspects to real issues that have since become major macronational political questions, such as gay rights. The campaign will conclude on November 12 with the election of a new Royal Assembly.

Speaking to the Standard about the prospects of Morovia continuing past its one month mandate, Vincent noted that such a verdict is difficult to decide so early. According to Vincent, “Morovians are focused on spreading the word to old citizens and potential ones alike. We are going to have a spirited and fun campaign, play some good politics, and see where that leads us.”

One of the first issues that Morovia will have to deal with is its monarchy. Currently under the reign of King Adam I, who replaced Vincent in that role and became Morovia’s second king, there is popular will to have the throne returned to the micronation’s founder. That will be contingent on King Adam concluding the regency of Charlez Braden (known as King Alexander in Hanover) and abdicating the throne.

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