‘Fenix’ Flies from its MCS Coop

The Micronational Cartography Society (MCS), which is the longest operational world map simulation in the Anglophone micronational community, has lost one of its most senior administration members. St. Fenix, who had been the organization’s secretary since 18 August 2006, announced his resignation late last week.

Noting that he had “wished to return to the MCS as an active administrator,” St. Fenix reluctantly announced his resignation on “increasingly serious and complex [macronational] concerns.” He had also been considering taking a leave from micronationalism, but will instead remain and dedicate what little time he plans to his personal project, Wachensburg.

The micronationalists who participate in nations on what is most commonly called the Micras world map were taken aback by the resignation. King Jeremy of New Britannia was clearly shocked with his declaration of “No! No! No!” Benkern, curator of the Apollo Foundation, declared the resignation “a terrible loss.”

According to the MCS Administrator General, Pete James, the secretary position will now be merged into his position, reducing the administration team of the organization to five members.

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