Final Address of Gotzborg King

The following was an email message sent around today to Gotzers by HRM King August Charles II.


I have been witnessing and hearing of disturbing goings-on in regards to Gotzborg since the nation was put onto hiatus. I appreciate the impact upon the world that Gotzborg has had, and its associated legacy of forward thinking, ‘high-road’ diplomacy and maturity. That being said, preservation is the key to ensuring that Gotzborg doesn’t become just another name in the micronational shark tank of states which have been so thoroughly ripped apart to their very bone and very end.

While I understand the desire for people to ‘protect’ Gotzborg, it needs no such thing. It and its legacy is well protected by myself and I intend it to remain that way. As such, continued efforts made to go against my wishes, especially on the part of citizens of Gotzborg will not be tolerated. There shall be no ‘trust’, no committee nor council upon this matter. The trust of Gotzborg remains with myself, for all intents and purposes my property not to be hacked or copied from without my express permission.

From this day forward, all offices occupied by all citizens of Gotzborg are hereby vacated. All authority and seniority of said positions is as well vacated. All titles, peerages, awards, honours and ranks heretofor given to citizens of Gotzborg and friends will continue in force at this time. However further drives made in directions against my wishes will result in these being revoked for all intents and purposes. Be proud of what has been gained and accomplished, let it not be ruined by further actions to the contrary.

It is my wish that His Grace Liam, Duke of Montin be appointed as Lord Protector of Gotzborg and Ambassador Plenipotentiary, charged by myself with control to protect the legacy, history and integrity of the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg in all micronational affairs. His only limitations be that he cannot in turn delegate responsibilities for Gotzborg to any other person. In such a case, his appointment is forfeit and returned to myself. In addition, he is unable to sell, use or otherwise lend Gotzborg, its names, history, titles, awards, organization or other to any person, organization, nation or otherwise. Gotzborg will not be subjugated to any other nation, as it never has been and never will be. The GSO lands will be vacated, Gotzborg shall not remain upon them any longer, Lord Montin will see to this please.

It pains me to have to take such drastic steps, and make such comments. This is unfortunately not very ‘Gotzer’. I expect every citizen of Gotzborg to continue to conduct themselves with the interests of the Kingdom in mind.

This letter bears the weight of law and as such is considered Royal Decree.


HRM August Charles II,
King of Gotzborg

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