First Amerada Press Coalition Formed

Chief Editor of the Los Antréal Times-Journal, Liam Sinclair, formally declared the existence of the Amerada Associated Press (AAP) today after meeting with his counterparts in New Columbia and Oh Scotia. The three colonial newspapers of these colonies now make up the only associated press in Amerada.

In response, Earl Washburn, Chief Editor of the Washiawa Post-Citizen (WPC), banned all three papers from using WPC articles, except sports articles. Mr. Washburn and his paper were denied entry into the association by a 2-0 vote among the founding members of the AAP (Liam Sinclair and Nick Bridgewater).

The Member papers of the AAP are as follows: the Los Antréal Times-Journal, the Detipeg Free Press the San Franton Chronicle-Journal.

About the Author

Liam Sinclair
Owner/Senior Editor. One of the longest-serving micronational journalists, Sinclair started reporting in 2001. His work has since been recognized by several community awards.
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