First Cabinet Meeting of the Ninth Government Takes Place

The Ninth Imperial Government, in power since December 2002, held its first formal cabinet meeting this week. The meeting, attended by Prime Minister (and Minister of Economics) Ras Bit Liam Sinclair, Foreign Minister Meridazmatch Calvani, and Communications Minister Meridazmatch McSoto, was a short one due to time constrictions imposed upon the Foreign Minister.

In the report from the Imperial Foreign Ministry, Calvani said that relations with the Kingdom of Pendronia are slowly progressing along, but that he felt the Atteran treaty of mutual recognition and friendship proposed to Pendronia by the ministry was not as well received as he had hoped. That treaty is currently scheduled to go before the GEC in the coming days for ratification. There has been no word as to its status in the Kingdom of Pendronia.

The Ministry of Communications continues to promote Attera in various medium, mainly offline at the moment, and plans to return to internet advertising in the near future.

The Ministry of Economics report covered the recent move to the Alternate Realities world map project and ongoing plans to create a new resource based economic system should the AR Resource Map not be completed in the near future. The IMECON is also considering new incentives to new citizens to get involved in the economy and will be opening an account for all citizens in the new fiscal year. IMECON is also expected to release a formal budget early in the month of April 2003.

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