First Conference of Amerada Colonies being Hosted by Tebec

On May 11, 2002, Tebec announced that it would host a Conference for all Amerada Colonies at the MFP Conference Center in Los Antreal. This purpose of this conference, according to the Tebec government, was to discuss the issues facing the colonies and find common ground on those issues.

One of the major issues at hand was the part that the colonies would play in the ratification of any Amerada Constitution. Tebec is pushing for the constitution to be ratified by each colony’s legislature individually, not just the federal legislature.

Also on the list for discussion is what part colonies will play in foreign agreements. Tebec and the North Cerritories want the colonies to be able to reject any treaty signed by the federal government. This way, if a colony does not like any agreement made by the federal government, it can exempt itself from that agreement.

This is the first in a series of reports concerning this conference. The next one will follow soon.

May 15, 2002 update:

The conference has begun to hit full steam as over half of the 13 governors have signed into the discussions. Gov. Peter Little of New Columbia has brought up the topic of the use of the word “colonies” by the federal government.

Some governors believe that the word has a degrading sense to it and that it should be changed. Some suggestions for the replacing of the word colony are region, department, stavince and province. The two popular ones are region and stavince. The federal government, represented by Earl Washburn, who is also the governor of the Capital District, is in favour of a name change for the colonies.

Two colonies have already done away with the use of “colony” in their official names. Under the Official Names Act, 2002, The Colony of Tebec became known as “Tebec”. The other colony to change its name is New Columbia, whose governor unilaterally declared it the Commonwealth of New Columbia earlier in the year.

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