First Consul assassinated in Bouvet

Sebastien Dev, First Consul of the Empire

Today the First Consul of the Empire, Sebastien Dev, was killed in a gun and grenade attack at a rally being held in the Ibelin city of Bouvet.

The First Consul was beginning a new one week tour of the Empire to highlight his new foreign policy in light of recent provocations and crises regarding the Barbary Strait and Valencian independence. The First Consul had arrived at Bouvet earlier this morning and met with the Mayor of Bouvet along with the Third Consul Jean Carmicheal prior to his speech. Later stops on the tour would be used to give further details on this new hardline approach to foreign policy which was expected to reveal moves the Empire was taking to combat the Raspur Pact and provocations by certain member states.

The First Consul had begun his speech, being broadcast across the Empire, when the killing occured. Shortly before the explosion an Imperial Gendarme had attempted to place himself in between the assassin and the First Consul before the second grenade was thrown, killing several more in the crowd and on the podium. The Mayor of Bouvet, Claude Heriault, was also killed in the attack along with several others. The number of dead is now thought to be seven, including the First Consul and the Mayor. Third Consul Jean Carmichael, Duke of Evreaux, is reported to be in a critical condition in hospital along with a number of others caught in the blast.

Unconfirmed reports from the scene of the crime indicate that the assassin, who the Genevan Arrow believes to be in the same hospital as the Duke of Evreaux, had appeared from the crowd wielding an automatic pistol and grenades. One grenade appears to have gone off in the crowd as a member of the public attempted to intervene. The second grenade landed and detonated on the podium whilst the assassin had been firing his pistol at Imperial Gendarmes. It is unknown whether the assassin had any accomplances although the fall out from the attack is spreading rapidly. Unconfirmed reports on Bouvet radio suggest that the assassin shouted “Barbarije” as he attacked.

Claude Heriault, Mayor of Bouvet

The Imperial Government has been thrown into disarray as a result of the assassination. The Emperor is understood to be concerned. Reports suggest that Jacques Reynaud, Fourth Consul and Marechal d’Alexandria, is the defacto leader of the Government for the moment as Second Consul Alejandro Castillo is summoned back from Luthoria. The Imperial Assembly is still sitting although it is thought that with such prominent members of the Government being targetted it will soon suspend its sittings as security is stepped up in Geneva. The events of the past 24 hours have shocked not only Bouvet but the Empire as a whole. More news will follow as soon as soon as the Arrow has it.

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