Foreign Ministry releases official policy on communism

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – His Imperial Majesty’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released today its official foreign policy regarding the expansion of communism, with a special focus on the expansion of communism in Southern Grandica. The document, drafted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressly states that the Empire of the Alexandrian sees the growing communist nation of Katyusha as a “threat to the stability, peace, security and prosperity of the region.”

The statement was also very clear about the lack of reservations by the Alexandrian Government to exercise military options to contain communism. The document states that it will be part of Alexandrian policy to “prepare possible military options for the possibility of direct intervention in regions that are succumbing to the evils of communism.”

The foreign policy statement is part of the Frias Administration’s campaign promise to fight the spread of communism around Micras and Giess.

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