Foreign Policy Discussion Begins

A formal discussion on the creation and implementation for a genric foreign policy has begun in the Cafe Taito. After being suggested by the foreign minister in last week’s cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Ras Bit Sinclair opened the discussions tonight.

Over the past two months, Attera has been working to diversify its foreign relations, moving away from the Micras sector and into the more serious (but not hardcore) micronational sectors. Along with this diversification, Attera recently rejoined the League of Micronations and may be joining other intermicronational organizations for the more serious micronations in the near future.

The foreign policy discussions will discuss everything from requirements for relations with the Empire to how the Empire should proceed in its ongoing foreign relations. The Prime Minister hopes to create a new, comprehensive, genric treaty of friendship and mutual recognition to replace the current treaty template, that will include clauses on important items such as extradition. With the exception of the Emperor’s foreign policy statement released back in December 2002, the Empire has no foreign policy that formally outlines in detail various aspects in conducting foreign affairs.

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