Former Protector and Founder condemns recent activities

The first thing former Aerlig protector and founder Mike Phyle said upon a visit to the nation today was “holy crap, have you people lost your minds? What the hell happened here?” Phyle slammed both sides in the recent Aerlig civil war for even bothering to stage such an event, indicating that the citizens involved must be “morons” if they believe that a civil war would be of any benefit to the nation. Phyle was so upset with the activities that his entire address, for the most part, was questions – questions about what had gone wrong with the citizens of Aerlig and the nation itself.

The civil war that Phyle is so upset with started last week when Aerlig Prime Minister, Lachlan Powers, and his supporters formed the Meosian Organization and began annexing some of the states of Aerlig and directly threatening the federal government. The entire event seems to have been directed at creating activity in the nation, but horribly backfired as the international community didn’t know what to think of the usually level-headed Republic of Aerlig. This is likely the last time Aerlig will try its hand at Apolloism.

While he is very upset at the recent behaviour of the citizenry as well as the civil war, Phyle did say that if requested, he would return to Aerlig to once again become its protector with the recent resignation of John Sendler.

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