Formula Z Inaugural Race Results

The Formula Z racing circuit’s inaugural race was held on 17 June 2004, at Atter-Circuit field in Argaath Perez. The race which was postponed due to Mr. Sendler’s injury which was sustained over the previous weekend. With his speedy recovery, the race went off without further delay, and here are the final results:

The winning order is as follows:

01: Arpad Orenko – Cyva Racing Team
02: extreme007 – Xtremes
03: Mattlore Devious – reNaUT
04: Iain de Vembria – Knightrider Racing
05: Trevon Andarosel – Nanite Racing
06: Ras Sinclair – Team Attera
07: Eoin “Sexy Helmet” Dornan – Knightrider Racing
08: King Samuel – Navigators
09: Eddy Tarantino – Brascino
10: Victor Alont – Cyva Racing Team
11: Amir Shervanis – Osman-Almagro
12: Ardashir Khan Osmani – Osman-Almagro
Retired: Spetzjoe – Nanite Racing

The Drivers’ Championship points stand thus:

48: Arpad Orenko
46: extreme007
46: Mattlore Devious
44: Iain de Vembria
44: Trevon Andarosel
43: Ras Sinclair
43: Eoin “Sexy Helmet” Dornan
42: King Samuel
41: Eddy Tarantino
27: Victor Alont
27: Amir Shervanis
23: Ardashir Khan Osmani
0: Spetzjoe

and the Teams’ Championship points are:

87: Knightrider Racing
75: Cyva Racing Team
50: Osman-Almagro
46: Xtremes
46: reNaUT
44: Nanite Racing
43: Team Attera
42: Navigators
41: Brascino

Mr. Iain Vembria, the organizer of the event congratulated the Solomonic Empire of Attera for it’s hosting of the event, as well as the winner and runners up. With the Atter-Circuit course and the Solomonic Empire’s hosting of the first annual Atter-Cup invitational soccer tournament, the sporting trend has taken off in stellar fashion in Attera.

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