Free Republic seizes control of Tymarian FR State

In an announcement today, Consul of the Free Republic (independent of Tymaria), Mr. Eddie Guimont, announced that the division agreement that allowed pro-Tymarian Free republicans to keep some of the FR in Tymaria when the secessionists broke away, has expired. Mr. Guimont has ordered the Legion of the FR to begin operations to secure the Tymarian State of the Free Republic.

However, the FR military does not seem to be active. Instead, it is widely expected by this news service that the military of Baracao, the new communist super state in micronations, will be conducting the operations. This is because all citizens of the Independent FR are founders of Baracao and their secure military forums are far more active than the FR’s military forum, which has zero posts.

The official reaction from the Tymarian Government has yet to come in, however, the MFP expects there to be some noise made by the pro-Tymar FRers and eventually the noise will die down as Tymaria currently lacks any effective, that is immediately effective, means to prevent the occupation.

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