Freedom Convoy passes through Strait of Barbary

A satellite image showing the ships passing through the Strait yesterday evening.

Despite the terrorist attacks that have paralysed the Imperial Government, the Freedom Convoy risked creating fresh and dangerous tensions last night as it sailed unmolested through the Barbary Strait.

No Imperial Navy vessels were present in this passage although one or two smaller pleasure craft raised the Battle Ensign of the Imperial Navy in defiance at Jingdao authorities. Our reporter aboard MV Pete James can confirm that no tolls were paid by any of the ships that sailed through the Strait and that they had no contact with the Jingdaoese authories as they passed through.

Upon exiting the Strait they were welcomed by a Stormark fishing fleet which had been prepared by local Storish residents for the worst in the event that the fabled, though doubted, Jingdaoese coastal batteries had opened fire on the Convoy. All 73 vessels, large and small, were accounted for once the transit was complete. Ship’s horns sounded in celebration once the transit was complete.

The Imperial Government was unavailable for comment last night as the Duke of Evreaux still resides in hospital. There is worry that the Jingdaoese will see this act as a hostile act committed by the Imperial Government.

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