Freenesia and Lyrica combined into yet another Starr project

Freenesia and Lyrica have been formed into a union by Julian Starr. In the Freenesian declaration of independence, posted by the Union’s governor (Julian Starr), told the micronational world that both the Republic of Baracao and Imperium of Menelmacar have held the land rightfully belonging to the people of Freenesia too long and that this unlawful ownership had come to an end. He called on all Freenesians to disobey the unlawful governments [of Baracao and Menelmacar] and support the true Freenesian government.

Joining Freenesia in a equal union is the former Republic of Lyrica which has been in the news recently as Starr has tried constantly to gain control over Lyrica’s former MCS lands. The Union treats the two former nations as equal partners and has a Union Assembly where issues affecting the entire union are debated and voted on. One Lyrican, Peter Hickey, who is a well known outspoken man, has declared that Lyrica is not a part of Starr’s new project. However, it seems that no one has bothered listening to Hickey yet.

The Menelmacari government has refused to recognize the claim over Menelmacari Freenesia, while Baracao has yet to make an official statement on the claim to Baracaoan Freenesia. For your information, both nations were given a part of Freenesia by one of the founders of Freenesia, Philip Locke. The Union has recognized various micronations unilaterally, including the Atteran Empire. Today, the Atteran Imperial Government declined to return the favour citing that a standing treaty with the Imperium of Menelmacar currently exists.

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