Frias promises action during first 100 hours

Loredo, Rio Grande; ABCC News – First Consul-elect Jose Frias delivered a victory speech today in Loredo following the announcement that he had won the First Consul election. In his victory speech, Jose Frias laid out an ambitious plan for his first 100 hours as First Consul, aiming to pacify his opponents who characterized him as “complacent“, as well as those who voted for Ms. Gonzales.

In his plan, the First Consul-elect states that he will work for the dissolution of the current economic system, resign as Speaker of the Imperial Parliament, begin to work for change in the law enforcement and justice systems and appoint his opponent as Deputy First Consul, as well as integrate parts of her platform in his plan of action as First Consul.

The swearing-in ceremony will be performed tomorrow in the Emperor’s Private Cabinet.

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