Frias releases “Agenda For Progress”, some opposition

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – With just a mere 10 days until the next Prime Ministerial election, incumbent Prime Minister Jose Frias and the PDP challenger Juan Ciervo are facing off in a heated campaign for the Prime Ministry of Alexandria. Just today, Prime Minister Jose Frias presented the Agenda For Progress, a concise electoral outline of what his second term would look like.

“…I have proven under my administration that I have been a man of results, a man of strong conviction and a man of fierce resolve. I wish to continue the path of progress and needed reform that I have begun,” wrote Frias in the Agenda. His electoral agenda highlighted several areas. These were government reform, electoral law, economics and finance, citizenship and immigration, society and civil rights, political parties, foreign affairs, provincial affairs and national defense. PM Frias reiterated his opposition to Novasolum, listing that it will be a priority to “reinvigorate the campaign for Alexandria’s departure from Novasolum.”

The electoral manifesto has already recieved some opposition from the Alexandrian Anti-Party leader, Pete James. “I canot agree with this,” said James, objecting to PM Frias’ point on implementing policies that would curtail abortion in Alexandria.

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