Frias Trails in Public Opinion Poll

A newly-released public opinion poll conducted by the Alexandrian Broadcasting Corporation has shed light on the micronation’s population’s intended voting for this month’s prime ministerial election.

The poll, conducted from November 1st to 10th, indicates that incumbent Jose Frias of the Conservative Party trails behind his sole competitor, Juan Ciervo of the People’s Democratic Party, by a considerable margin. Of those polled – representing 73% of the general population – 62.5% support Mr. Ciervo’s campaign to become the next prime minister.This spells a potential significant defeat for the Conservative Party which has held the prime ministry since December 2005.

The poor performance of Mr. Frias in the public poll comes amidst a very vigorous campaign in which he has released many advertisements as well as a detailed electoral platform. In fact, his competitor, Mr. Ciervo, has released only one public advertisement on behalf of his campaign (and it has not been run nationally) and no electoral platform to date. Any loss by the Conservative Party in these elections would be made all the more painful through it being at the hands of a candidate that has run a very low-key campaign.

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