GEC closes out first session of 2003

This year marks the first year that the Grand Executive Council – Attera’s most important legislative body – has used a formal operating structure.

Prior to 2003, the GEC was a secretive body which conducted all its business behind closed doors. In January, the Emperor and Prime Minister decided to make the GEC a public institution with a formal operating structure for debating and voting on bills presented to the Council.

The first session of the GEC in the public’s eye has been judged as a success by the Prime Minister despite the fact that half of the members rarely, if ever, showed up to debates. Thirteen of fifteen bills presented to the Council, ranging from treaties to economics in subject, were passed this session, with three of those passed bills being by imperial decree.

While all the bills passed by the GEC this session are important, notables such as the Establishment of the Regency Act, the Military Judicial Act, and the Economic Regulations Act, were integral in the operation of the nation. The Military Judicial Act is the first act, apart from the constitution, that governs justice within Attera, with a similar bill for the civilian judicial system being planned for the second session.

In addition to the civilian judicial bill for next session, the government plans on introducing a bill on standing orders for the council to further standardize the operation of the house as well as to guide members in how to write bills themselves in proper format.

With the end of the first session, however, came bad news for some. Ras Sinclair, the Imperial Regent, issued a decree on June 15 effectively booting Meridazmatch Sirithil nos Feanor and Ras John Sager out of the Council for gross inactivity. Sager, the representative of the Makonnian Imperial Region, has now been replaced with current defence minister, Ras Harmagedon. The Argaalian Imperial Region has yet to have a new representative appointed in the Council.

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