Global Military Alliance

This alliance, between Amerada and The United Bobessian Republic has entered into its third week of existence. So far, due to poor advertising, it has just two members – the founding ones. It is based on NATO and its goal is to deter war and to ensure a stable collective defence for its member nations. President Washburn, who is the second in command of the alliance, never gave a clear answer on what he expects of the new organization mainly since he was apparently too busy looking at the Pineapples in the GUB (lol). For more information, check out its website at; it has contacted South Mondesia’s Department of National Defence, but with the recent passing of the merger with Tymaria bill, the SMDF has decided to stay any decision on joining the alliance until SM’s future is clear. Amerada’s Minister of Defence, Mark Hickman was not briefed on the GMA agreement because the President never felt it necessary to tell him. The Amerada military of Borgs is expected to be a big help to the UBR’s bicycle military!

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