Gotzborg Candidates Answer Standard’s Questions

This week the Coprieta Standard posed three questions to each of the Gotzborg Chamber of Deputies candidates as our part in helping provide Gotzers the opportunity to have an informed vote. The responses of the candidates follow below; in addition, Princess Julia has posed her own set of questions largely relating to women’s rights in the Royal Kingdom. Gotzers are reminded that the polls are scheduled to open tomorrow for the Chamber of Deputies election. For information on voting, or other election-related issues please contact the Electoral Officer, the Duke of Montrose.

The questions asked by the Coprieta Standards are as follows, and each candidate’s response is numbered to correspond with the questions. Please note that candidate’s responses have not been edited in any way – what you read is the direct words of the candidate.

1. It is the wish of the Royal Cabinet to implement constitutional amendments during the upcoming session of the Chamber of Deputies that will formalize the body as an “open to all Gotzers” body – a method by which it unofficially operated over the past number of years. What is your position on this issue – should the Chamber retain its constitutional status as an elected body, or should it be changed?

2. Gotzborg is not known as a micronation that has a vast legislative organization. In fact, most laws and regulations are passed by the Royal Cabinet, with the actual Chamber producing very little in the way of law. If you are elected, what areas of interest would you strive to create a greater legislative presence in (i.e. in what areas would you support more laws to be created by the Chamber)?

3. In your words, what sets you apart from your competitors in this election – why should Gotzers mark an “X” next to your name on 24 January?


Thomas Maher

1. I believe that the Chamber should be open for all Gotzers, not just an elected body of 5 deputies. The majority of micronations struggle to find citizens to fill the ranks for government employment, [with] many not passing 5 citizens. The “open chamber” policy takes the pressure off the Kingdom to find citizens, as we can’t always guarantee that Gotzborg will have enough available and committed citizens as it does now. Already we are finding that many people are holding various positions, as many as 5 or 6. Having people stretched to the limit like that is not good. The “open chamber” policy also allows all the people of Gotzborg to have a say in the legislative process. So when the Chamber is presented with the constitutional amendment to allow the “open chamber” policy, I will be voting “Yea.”

2. As a former [Vice-Minister of State, Commerce and Industry], I saw that the economy of Gotzborg is booming and [that there are] not enough laws to regulate the practice of business. The current system only has a sales tax in place and that relies on the honesty of the owner of the business. With more regulations and an increased tax system, we can ensure the continued smooth running of the Royal Government and the booming Gotzborg economy. Don’t get me wrong, this tax idea is not designed to crush the economy but broaden it, to make it a more financially safe and a more enjoyable place to run a business.

3. I have been involved in high-level positions throughout my year-long citizenship in Gotzborg. I have been the Home Minister, Lord Chamberlain for HRM, and I have done my time in both the army, navy and also the Royal Security Police Service. I have been appointed Duke of Montefeltro and I run Gotzborg largest conglomerate which has at one time or another encompassed more than 6 other subsidiaries. I think I have proved myself as a clear, calm thinker who has always the best interest of the nation at heart. I think I have achieved everything I have wanted to in Gotzborg, and to be elected into the Chamber of Deputies allows me to serve the people and His Royal Majesty at the same time. This will allow me to give something back to this great nation of ours.

Hugh O’Neill

1. It is my belief that direct democracy runs counter to the philosophy and purpose of a constitutional monarchy and that while it may seem convenient to allow all citizens to sit in the Chamber of Deputies this has a negative impact in that it means that there is no agenda or initiative driving the chamber and that it would therefore remain a constitutional rubber stamp. I believe that the interest generated in standing for this election proves that there is sufficient scope for representative democracy in this Kingdom. The alternative to direct democracy if representative democracy is not viable ought to be a House of Lords so that the dukes and nobility of the Kingdom might provide the legislative guide to His Royal Majesty’s Government.

2. I believe that a vital part the Chamber can play is in increasing the scrutiny of the executive in the Royal Cabinet and also to lead the way in recreating the field of jurisprudence that was seemingly in large measure lost during the tragic Ezboard Incident of 2005.

3. I believe that the Chamber will benefit from my experience derived in the Kingdom as an officer of the Royal Army giving me a good understanding of the manner of in which the Kingdom functions. I believe that I have a dynamic approach to solving complex problems which may sometimes result in unorthodox solutions.

John de Cervantes

1. The world as we know it is changing with this we must also change with it. The chamber should be open to all Gotzers.

2. If I were elected to the Chamber I would offer legislation to limit the power of the Royal Cabinet from passing laws without the consent of the Chamber. The Deputies are elected by the people to represent them.

3. Gotzers should vote for me ’cause I care what happens in our Nation and the People. Gotzers should rest a sure that there voices will be heard in the Chamber of Deputies.

Blake Palacio

1. There are many benefits of the open Chamber policy. It is important for those the law effects to have their say in the law and as such be eligible to vote in the Chamber, and in a (micro)nation of Gotzborg’s size, a direct democracy model for our legislative is very feasible and practicable.

2. I believe that the Chamber should be delegated a few powers to encourage public interest in the government. Mainly I would like to see the Chamber with the power to ratify and reject treaties, for this would be a step for acquiring more powers.

3. I want to expand our legislature to be more useful and helpful to the public and the crown.

Charles deMontford

1. I’m all for the Constitutional Amendments the Royal Cabinet proposes in that area. I remember the days when all citizens did participate in the Chamber of Deputies, despite the Constitution saying otherwise. I have no problem in seeing the public participating. However, I do think that such Amendments should only be introduced into the Constitution at the very end of the Legislative Term as if they are entered at the beginning, it will render these elections pointless.

2. Yes, Gotzborg does have a very weak legislature in comparison to other countries, such as Alexandria. Personally, I would focus my legislative work on a Court system. I believe personally that Gotzborg would greatly benefit from both Criminal and Civil Justice Systems. The Civil Justice System could be used to handle any contractural issues that arise in Gotzborg’s booming economy. A Criminal Justice System would give added security to Gotzborg and its people, as well as allowing the Police Service to do what it needs to; enforce the law. As such, I’d push for new laws to be passed such as a new Treason Act or an Official Secrets Act to guard the Armed Forces from unscrupulous individuals.

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