Gotzborg Wins Big at The FNORDs

© 2005 Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg. All Rights Reserved. Originally published in The Gotzborg Eagle, reproduced under license to Sinclair Publications.

Lonenberg (GP) – On 29 January 2005 in the Norton Convention Centre, the FNORDs were awarded. Gotzborg is home to two awards this year; a Community Award for Best Website, and a Personal Award to Duke Altamore for Most Committed Micronationalist.

His Royal Majesty King August Charles II is quite happy with the receipt of the Community Award. It is through his many hours of hard work, and the labour of love for his nation that Gotzborg was so seen as having the Best Website. We are all proud to be Gotzers, and the Staff of the Eagle are pleased to offer His Majesty our most sincere congratulations.

The award presented to Duke Altamore can indeed be seen as one of (if not THE) most prestigious FNORD for a private citizen. The Most Committed Micronationalist award is an affirmation of the dedication, service, and unwavering loyalty that His Grace has exhibited since his arrival in Gotzborg five months ago. This is what Duke Altamore said about his award:

“I quite honestly didn’t expect to win this award. It’s quite an honour, and I am still in a state of shock. What amazed me almost as much as winning the award, was that my Nomination came from a Communist Leader, and was seconded by the Leader of a Republic. It really made me feel good to know that I have somehow reached across those invisible barriers, and touched lives on both sides of that fence. I share this FNORD with my wife, Angel; without her, I would be completely unable to be as active and dedicated as I am. I love her very much, and am very fortunate to have such a wonderful wife. My personal thanks also to everyone in Gotzborg and in Novaya Zemlya who have worked with me and helped make me look good. Without you all, I wouldn’t have been recognised like this. Thank you, Comrades and Friends.”

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