Government Conducts Life Safety Drill

© 2005 Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg. All Rights Reserved. Originally published in The Gotzborg Eagle, reproduced under license to Sinclair Publications.

Chancellery Building, Lonenberg (GP) – On November 14th, the Chancellery Building in Lonenberg, home and office of the Royal Chancellor as well as meeting place of the Royal Cabinet, was involved in the first life safety drill of government buildings in the capital.

At 4:00pm on the 14th, as most of the government was wrapping up the day, the fire alarm sounded throughout the building. Response was initially slow with the Minister of State, Foreign Office, Her Royal Highness Princess Julia being the first to evacuate from the building, followed shortly by the Royal Chancellor, Lord Montrose and then General of Police Lord Montin, who took control of the scene and re-entered the building to ensure personnel continued to evacuate.

All personnell were successfully evacuated with exception of the Minister of State Home Office, Prince Steven, and Deputy Minister of State Carson Smith, who it was later found was on business outside of the Chancellery.

Although not currently a micronational standard, Dr. Lynn Prentice of the Gotzborg Life Safety Institute recommends the practise being adopted. “The need to conduct ongoing training of all employees in any business, whether it be government or private institution, it paramount to minimizing potential liability from the loss of life or login,” says Dr. Prentice. “Forum emergencies, while not prevalent, should not preclude anyone from making the efforts to protect life within the scope of their business. Forum fires in themselves can be immensely destructive.” While unable to comment on whether or not life safety drills would have helped avoid the catastrophic losses of May 31st of this year, Dr. Prentice did say “life is the most important component of protection here, and while it would have been nice to have kept the information, thankfully no one lost their logins.”

The Royal Security Police Service were reported to have handled themselves with the calm and coolness expected of our law enforcement officials. The RSPS filed an official report the next day to the Office of His Royal Majesty on the incident. It is rumored that recommendations within the report that two members of the government are to be fined for slow response. “It’s merely a notice to ensure everyone, no matter who, is required to respond and react appropriately.

Altogether, sources within the government indicate that there will be legislation forthcoming which will enshrine the legal obligation of all businesses and enterprises with facilities in Gotzborg to conduct life safety drills once a year.

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