Governor Sinclair Responds to Guilty Verdict

Statement by Governor Liam Sinclair of Tebec:

“As you may know by now, the so-called court of law known as Amerada Supreme Court found me guilty yesterday on the charge, as Judge Derek McCullough said, of “offending Amerada by participating in terrorism.” The fact is that I have not participated in terrorism at all and have never made any treasonous acts against Amerada. The comment, as I said before was a joke. I was mad at President Earl Washburn and thought it looked good on him to have his website hacked by his own Minister of Defence or Vice-President. This is why I made this comment jokingly. The Jury was headed by Mark Hickman, the Minister of Defence, himself which just proves how bias and unjust the court is. Since the beginning it was evident that I would lose because Earl and his cronies would vote against me – since his cronies like Derek and Mark always do what they’re told to do by Earl. I have done nothing wrong and this 30000 Amerada Buck fine is completely unjust. My lawyer, Nick Bridgewater, now suspects that he will be the next target of Earl’s never-ending personal attacks since he spoke out against Earl. As for me, I’m glad that this farce is over, though I believe that the punishment and guilty verdict are completely unjust and ill-found. I just look forward to getting back to running Tebec and not having to worry about Earl breathing down my back.”

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