Grand Commonwealth Mulls Support of Antican Republic

A proposal by Commonwealth Protector, and Babkhan Shah, Ardashir Khan, to open treaty relations between the Grand Commonwealth and the break-away Republic of Antica has garnered stiff opposition in the Majlis-i-Dharma.

In his address to the Dharma, Khan noted that the Dinarchy of Antica, which has recently implemented a diplomatic policy to ignore relations with any micronation recognizing the splinter-group of Republicans, once attacked the Empire of Lemuria’s predecessor, Mediterranea, “on account of some petty dispute” and has “regularly caused all manner of inconvenience and bad feeling towards Babkha.” Khan voiced support for the Republic of Antica on the basis that Dinarch Delphi Augustus does not reside in that micronation, noting that Dinarch Augustus is seen as the primary antagonist in Dinarchy-Babkha relations.

The proposal, being very weak in explanation and political reality (given that the Republic of Antica is aligned with political and military enemies of the Grand Commonwealth), was outright rejected by the majority of the Dharma. Karnalian Tribune AirIM9X, in a statement to the Dharma, said “the Dinarchy does have a bad history, but this does not mean we should spite it by supporting an Atteran ally and Shireroth’s future puppet [the Republic of Antica].”

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