Grand Executive Council Passes the Third Crimson Constitution

It’s official. With the passage of the Third Crimson Constitution, HIH Ras Diga Makonnen IV takes the throne in place of his daughter as Attera’s sovereign. The coronation date for Emperor Makonnen will be on December 01, 2002, when he will take the name ‘Mik’el Tzion’. In an interview with HIH, he stated that there will be big change in Attera’s foreign policy under his new leadership. Here’s the transcript of the exclusive interview that the MFP conducted with the Emperor.

MFP:HIH Ras Diga, first we would like to congratulate you on being proclaimed Attera’s new sovereign. I’m sure this is a pleasing moment for you. What do you say to those critics who believe that the new constitution gives you, and all emperors to come, too much power?

Ras Diga: Well, I don’t plan on using that much of the powers that have been bestowed upon me, I actually would like to see the Prime Minister as a pretty strong person in our government. I will provide a guide of sorts and tend to be similar to a constitutional monarch in practice if I can. Time for others to step up and offer their ideas and actions. But, the powers are there in case they need to be used such as in national emergencies and major crises that may need my direct attention.

MFP: Can we continue to expect your active participation in the government? Particularly in the area of foreign affairs, where I hear you have major plans brewing? Mind sharing with our readers the details of those plans?

Ras Diga: Somewhat, but not to the extreme as I am doing now. Foreign Affairs will be left to whoever has the calmest temperament. Attera really has to get away from it’s warlike ways and roots. But, anyway, I will stand back and let the Prime Minister do his/her job with little interference.

MFP: So, any ideas on how to initially go about making Attera’s myth of evilness go away?

Ras Diga: No, I don’t because people are going to believe what they want to believe. But what is interesting is that once they visit Attera or even me, they find that I and my fellow Atterans can be very honorable and well intentioned. It’s just that when other micronations fall into the trap of trying to take advantage of us, or act in a way that is counter to what we think is appropriate, then, that’s when problems are caused.

MFP: If you can, briefly explain to the readers what the major benefits of this new constitution, as you see them, are.

Ras Diga: More interaction and decisions by the actual citizens rather than the nobles at the top. The GEC makes the legislation and the General Assembly passes or vetoes them. In this way, active participation all around, and the Prime Minister will be responsible for making the legislation go smooth in both houses of the Yezawd Derg. In addition the ministries will be appointed by the Prime Minister who will keep the Emperor updated as to what is going on in every aspect. But, you know me, I’ll keep my nose in everything anyway, so, he/she won’t have to do much except for keep things active and flowing in a positive manner.

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