Gray Launches ‘MicroGov’ Project

The MicroGov project, initially undertaken nearly a year ago with the guidance of John Darcy and Benjamin Gray, has been formally launched by the latter as the new Republic of Treithar. The announcement by Mr. Gray on 11 August came as a result of difficulties with reviving Treithar following hosting problems and his personal desire to revive the goal of creating a proper government simulation that would otherwise be untenable under the manning constraints of popular micronations.

The new Republic will aim to bring together micronationalists interested in participating in the collective experiment, though it will not associate with any micronations or other government simulation enterprises, such as the National Government Simulation. According to Mr. Gray in a September 2006 explanation of the MicroGov project, the aim is to “create a [government simulation] … almost completely separate from micronationalism, and with no baggage from previous micronations. No involvement on the GSO or MCS maps, little to no participation on MNN, and no foreign affairs with other micronations.”

According to the terms of use posted on the project’s website, this original intent will be followed unless specific exemptions are granted. The terms of use also grant complete ownership of the project to Mr. Gray, and allow for the appointment of a development team to ensure the consistency of the simulation. The terms also allow for the banishment of participants ‘for any reason’ by Mr. Gray; an unlimited censorship power that may prove uncomfortable for some participants. Current participants were not informed of the terms of use via the project’s forums with only those who managed to find the obscure link on the project website under development fully realizing the agreement to which they are now party.

The first order of business for the Popular Assembly when it forms later this month will be the formation of a large number of legislative acts governing various aspects of the project.

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  1. Invoking my right of reply:

    The current Terms of Service are a temporary measure designed to establish some sort of authority for site security and integrity-related matters, providing an effective basis to deal with trolls, spammers and other unwanted guests. It’s in some senses reflective of the shaky basis of the legal authority any state possesses.

    Needless to say a new set of Terms will be brought out in the next few weeks with a more effective and transparent security procedure, and updated to reflect the joint stake John Darcy has in the project.

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