GSO Announces Committees

The Geographical Standards Organisation, fresh off from electing a new Board of Directors, has announced the new membership lists for its two primary committees. Nine total volunteers stepped forward earlier this month to sit on the two committees, of which four were chosen – two for the membership committee, and two for the design committee. The remaining position on each committee will be filled by a member of the Board of Directors, with former Director John Darcy invited to provide consultative services to the design committee as its fourth member.

The membership committee, which has the responsibility for admitting new members to the simulated world map project, will consist of GSO President Benjamin Gray, King Oscar (Oscland), and Augusto Benavides (Alexandria). Applications approved by that committee will then be forwarded to the design committee for placement on the world map. The design committee will consist of Emperor Harald (Stormark), Dr-Spangle (who was a surprise selection given his position on rival mapping project, the Micronational Cartography Society), and Extreme of Karnali, who will represent the Board of Directors.

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