GSO Harald in General Assembly’s Sights

The General Assembly of the Geographical Standards Organisation (GSO) has once again been asked to remove a director from his position. Director Harald Thorstein has been accused of abusing his position to the gain of his native Stormark, where he is Emperor. The vote was begun by the delegate from Lemuria after a post by Liam Sinclair detailing “inappropriate actions” by the Viking Emperor.

In his post, Mr. Sinclair detailed the “blatant misuse of power” by Mr. Thorstein in the claiming of a number of colonies for Stormark without formally approaching the GSO. Mr. Sinclair also slammed the sole other remaining director, Extreme of Karnali, saying he was “more than happy to be walked over by [Mr. Thorstein]”.

In response to Mr. Sinclair’s post, Mr. Thorstein announced that he would provide a response when he had time to do so, adding, “it is, however, clear that the efforts made by me, Extreme and the Design Committee are not appreciated in certain reactionary circles and that still have not laerned (sic) from last week’s revolt.” In response to the accusation, Mr. Thorstein told the Standard that they were “gross exaggerations totally ripped out of their context, [and were] misrepresentations and outright lies.”

Mr. Sinclair, in a statement to the Standard, said that “it is alarming to see that Director Thorstein would blatantly violate what has been a year’s worth of precedence regulating the proper method for filing colonial expansion claims with the GSO.” He continued, “such corruption serves only to taint the GSO when it is attempting to regain the trust of its members given recent hiccups.”

Speaking to the Standard as well, Jeremy Bellamy released this statement: “The GSO was unaware of any wrong-doing by [Mr. Thorstein]; however, we will now be looking into the recent events and will act according to the rules of the organisation to resolve the issues that Mr. Sinclair has with the current version of the map and the new Stormark colonies shown on it.” Mr Bellamy also added that on updating the map he did not know “that the GSO as a whole had not been informed of the new Stormark colonies,” and that, in light of the recent events, he would suggest “that Stormark provide details of their new claims such as other nations do before acquiring colonies”.

Extreme of Karnali could be contacted for comment at the time of publication of this article.

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