Gunboat diplomacy knocking at Hamland’s doors

Corcovado City, Santa Gertrudis; ABCC News – The Kingdom of Babhka sent a Minorca class patrol boat to the Kingdom of Hamland as a response to the latter nation’s recent expulsion of Babkhan, Alexandrian, Lovely, Britannic and Tellian nationals. The Kingdom of Hamland is a self-declared ally of the growing micronational communist movement.

The Kingdom of Hamland was prompted to order the expulsion after said nations gathered together to create the Council of Free Nations, a pact against the growing communist movement in micronationalism. “I suggest Hamland close it’s borders to all citizens (Excluding diplomats) in case of any people trying to support terrorist factions by bringing weaponry or any other objects,” stated His Majesty, King Lewis of Hamland. The King of Hamland also stated that the ban was brought about to “protect foreigners from any left wing nationalist Hamlanders” who want to harm them. As a response, the Babkhan Government sent the HMS Islas de Minorcas to monitor the situation “for any further signs of hostile intent”.

The ban on nationals from member nations of the Council of Free States has brought a backlash from the nations targeted by the ban. The Kingdom of Tellia reciprocated by instituting a ban on Hammish nationals and has sent a small delegation aboard the HMS Islas Minorcas. The Empire of the Alexandrians replied with a mild letter from His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, assuring the King of Hamland “that the Empire of the Alexandrias is not targeting the Kingdom of Hamland in its quest to eliminate threats to its own stability and security.” The Britannic Parliament reacted by debating a bill to reciprocate the ban Hamland instituted, while demanding an apology from Hamland and resolving to “assist any and all anti-communist resistance groups within Hamland.”

Despite the ban, Hammish security agents arrested “radicals on suspicion of planning terrorist actions” from a terrorist organization called the “Iron Circle”.

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