Hanover Lord Chancellor Sounds Alarm

The Lord Chancellor of the Kingdom of Hanover, James Murphy, has raised concerns in a private message to Hanover’s citizenry about the future of the aged, and highly-isolationist, micronation. This is not the first activity crisis for Hanover which has been in a virtual state of activity-limbo in recent years.

In the October 3 message, Murphy states that Hanover “has experienced a remarkable decline in activity resulting from an apparent lack of interest,” citing that not one of the micronation’s citizens has been regularly active “in weeks.” Especially concerning to the Lord Chancellor is that various efforts over the past year, including the launch of a long-awaited new website, the coronation of the King and Queen of Varennes (broadcast live macronationally – Varennes is a protectorate of Hanover in which Murphy is the founder and now-Governor General), and a blanket reform conference, have all met with failure in motivating the population.

The message to Hanover’s citizenry was made clear through Murphy’s statement being a “warning that the kingdom is, truly, on the verge of being dissolved. Unless it can be established that there is enough interest…Hanover’s days [will have to] come to a conclusion.”

Hanover’s King Alexander has stated on the national forums that beginning October 11, until November 8, he will make a post everyday to the national forums in an effort to garner some response from the population. To date, there has been little positive response to Murphy’s threats of dissolution.

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