Hanover Parliament Suffering “Decay and Stagnation”

A Government White Paper prepared to offer insight into revitalizing the Kingdom of Hanover’s Parliament has labelled that institution as one that is gradually decaying and facing stagnation. The White Paper, prepared by the Right Honourable Lord Oldenburg (a.k.a. Christopher McQueeny), puts forth seven recommendations to improve the public image of the legislative body, from not holding session during the summer months to allowing it a fearless check the actions of the Government.

The report calls for the scrutiny of government decisions, many which are currently made behind closed doors, by the Parliament to provide for public accountability of the ministers. According to Oldenburg, this would allow for the transmission of activity from the Privy Council into the public arena that, in return, would give a more active appearance of Hanover to onlookers.

Also supported by the white paper is a streamlining of the Hanoverian government to make it a more efficient body, “rather than a large coalition of diverging opinions.” To accomplish this, the report recommends that governments set a single policy platform with goals to adhere to during their reign.

Further encouraged is for ministers to participate in a weekly question period in Parliament, though if the report’s recommendations were followed, ministers would have little choice to answer questions or face an automatic motion of no confidence. This would essentially reintroduce a practice that proved successful in past parliamentary sessions.

Noting that Hanover’s Parliament is often one that had little to discuss, Oldenburg called for it to become a more effective legislative body in its discussions by considering the merits of legislation both as “general policy, and as a specific legal implementation of that policy.”

The implementation of the recommendations of the white paper has yet to be considered by the Parliament.

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