Hanover to Chart New National Direction

In response to an issue raised by Daniel Dreesbach, Hanover’s King Alexander has stated that his micronation is entering into a transition stage and that its Parliament will need to choose a direction for the nation.

Hanover has often been viewed as the local “macronational” micronation (i.e. wanting to operate on the macronational stage) that was never able to fully disconnect itself with its Internet and simulationist roots. Dreesbach, who also advocated a macronational non-profit group aspect to the Solomonic Empire of Attera years ago, has proposed that the Kingdom of Hanover become a member-oriented organization whose goal it would be to provide for “the needs of the citizens of Hanover, while being able to assist others in need.” Presumably, the plan would entail Hanover registering as a non-profit entity in the United States, or a similar organization.

King Alexander supported the proposal put forward by Dreesbach, noting that while Hanover cannot address all the issues affecting the macronational world, it can address a small number. He called on Parliament to make a decision as to which issue it would prefer the micronation to build its new direction around. The King reiterated that Hanover “is not abandoning the online roots, but using them to leverage them into a greater pool of talent and resources to use on the various projects.”

While initial reaction to the Dreesbach proposal has been favourable, several limitations of the micronation were noted by the King, including a small number of citizens, a meagre national treasury, and that Hanover has no land, currency, or army. Said the King when noting that his micronation is not blind to its limitation, “[Hanover is] blessed with vision to see what is possible, not what is impossible.”

With the favourable reaction from the King, Mr. Dreesbach has called for the definition of both long- and short-term goals for Hanover. He has also called for financial support from the citizenry, noting that a firm relationship between the treasury and the government requires establishment prior to any money flowing into that entity.

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