HIH Ras Dabe resigns all positions within Attera

Atterans got both good news, and bad news, from HIH Dabe Harmagedon I, Le’ul Ras of Atteran Makonnia, and Imperial Minister of Defence. The L’eul Ras announced that on Christmas Day, he and his wife celebrated the birth of his second child, a baby boy. However, in true military fashion, with the good news, comes bad news.

Ras Dabe announced that in approximately 30 days, he will be deployed to the Persian Gulf as a part of the ongoing United States military buildup in the area:

“Looks like my time has come to do my part in the war on terrorism, I have less than 30 days before I must go and do my part, so it pain me so but I must ask that the Emperor replace me as the Minister of Defence and any other special positions that I hold, and I also want to state that I do not wish to give up my lands, I just ask that Diga put someone over it who will take very good care of it while I am gone.

Hopefully when I get where I am going I will have internet access and maybe be able to pop in from time to time to say hello, but as of now I must resign all my positions because I am going to be very busy before I go and will only be able to check up on things in Attera before I go.

I hope that when I do return that Attera will have accomplished every goal that we set out for it to do.

Diga I want to thank you for the opportunity to become the micronationalist “Ras Dabe” and that I have enjoyed every minute of my time in Attera.
I will probably see you over there sometime soon, hopefully not, but looks like everyone is gonna have their parts to play in this one.

Well that’s all I have to say at the moment, I will still come and see what’s going on before I go.”

Ras Dabe was one of the original three imperial rases who sat on the Grand Executive Council after the historic secession from the United Republic of Tymaria in February 2002. Prime Minister Liam Sinclair stated that he will miss Ras Dabe as the Ras has always been a non-conformer to Imperial policy and made life interesting for all of the administration of Attera during his tenure. The Prime Minister went on to congratulate the Ras on his new child, and to wish him the best of luck during his deployment to Kuwait and in any eventual conflict.

Ras Dabe’s resignation has left Prime Minister Sinclair, who is on leave until January 08/2003, without a temporary fill-in for the position. The Prime Minister said that he will do some unofficial administrative work, but until his return from leave, it will be up to the Emperor to run the government officially.

As the standoff between the United States and Iraq continues, the Atteran Empire can expect more inactivity to come as much of its population is in the United States Army. In all likelihood, the chances of the Emperor and other citizens being deployed to Kuwait in the coming months is very high and we wish all those who do deploy, the best of luck and hope that they return to the micronational community safely.

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