Historic Agreement to Cede Anthelia to Gotzborg

A long-winded two month, behind-closed-doors, process to bring the Republic of Anthelia into the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg has concluded with an agreement signed by both micronations’ head of states on 21 December 2006.

The Gotzborg-Anthelia Agreement is now awaiting parliamentary approval in the Republic, with a constitutional amendment referendum required to permit the agreement to come into force, where it is widely expected to attain the two-thirds majority of the citizenry to be ratified. The positive outcome of the referendum is all the more likely given the recent revocation of citizenships of all but three Anthelians (Freddy Warren, Darius Banting, and John Darcy) by their Executive Council. Both Nevens and Banting appear to be in favour of the agreement.

The agreement will allow Anthelia to secede from Gotzborg when it gains a minimum ten residents, so long as at least seven of those residents favour that path. The Royal Government will take ownership over all Anthelian government assets, including stewardship over its website and forums, while appointing a Minister of State for Anthelia Affairs to oversee the integration process. That minister is widely expected to be Warren, whose job it will be to integrate Anthelia’s economy, in partnership with the Royal Bank of Commerce, into the sector’s central economy. A law commission will also be created to analyze the viability of adopting Anthelian laws for use in the Royal Kingdom.

The end to Anthelian sovereignty has been a tenuous issue between Gotzborg and Paulovia with the latter having voiced concerns over it not being openly consulted, or offered a “piece of the pie,” after the Royal Paulovian Government openly campaigned against annexation of Anthelia by Gotzborg in favour of it instead being broken up between the remaining Novasolum partners. That option being outright rejected by the Anthelian population in favour of annexation by Gotzborg, Paulovia’s former defence minister, Philip James, took steps to mobilize his nation’s military that ultimately back-fired on Paulovia as it faced the prospect of war with its Novasolum partners. Paulovia has since apologized and worked to make amends with Gotzborg over the incident, and now supports Anthelia’s annexation by Gotzborg.

With Anthelia set to cease as a sovereign entity on February 1, questions will surface as to the future of the Novasolum partnership now that its primary architect is no longer its own state. Gotzborg and Paulovia appear to remain largely in favour of the continuance of the Novasolum agreement, yet Alexandria’s population remains divided on support for the partnership. In addition, negative events between the Novasolum partners over the course of 2006, while few and far between, have left a sour taste in the mouths of several high ranking politicians and government officials in all nations.

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