Historic Intermicronational Organizations, LOM, SpUM, Take Final Bow

What began last week as an effort to bring closure to the League of Micronations has resulted in that organization, as well as the Splendid Union of Microstatia, merging into the entity of the League of Secessionist States. The merger marks the end of two of the intermicronational community’s historic organizations that brought together micronations from all language groups and intentions.

Activity woes for the League of Micronations began at the end of 2004, after a successful role in various intermicronational initiatives since it was founded on 20 July 2000. Few prominent micronations in the Anglophone Simulationist community of the day were not members of the League. Since 2004, a number of attempts undertaken to formally shut the organization down failed as quorum was not met. In this week’s poll, the League finally voted to approve and end to its existence as an independent organization by a margin of 4-to-3.

The community’s first Internet-founded intermicronational organization, the Splendid Union of Microstatia which was the brainchild of Nicholas Bridgewater in 1998, also voted to merge into the League of Secessionist States. The Splendid Union had similarly faced lower-than-usual activity and interest since 2004.

The League of Secessionist States, which takes over these two beleaguered organizations, was founded in 1980 by a group of secessionist states (as the name suggestions) and it is the oldest intermicronational organization in existence. Despite its secessionist roots and name, a number of simulationist micronations of earlier in this decade, also held membership in the organization (some of the notables being Attera, Babkha, Amerada and Tymaria). Diga Makonnen of Attera served as its Secretary-General from 2001 until the TYSOG incident of 2002 forced his resignation. While no longer on the radar of the simulationist community, the League has continued to be steadily active.

In an address to the League of Micronations General Assembly, James E. Bentz, who will be the last person to hold the Presidency of the Assembly, said that the merger will “serve to unite micronationalism, and the member states within. By combining our efforts, and resources, we can better accomplish the [goal to] revove the micronational movement, and to make us stronger.” The General Assembly is now tasked with establishing procedures to allow for a smooth transition.

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