Ibelin seat to dominate election attention once more

Race could end up exploding onto the national stage again

Crécy, Ibelin; Genevan Arrow – Prime Minister Juan Ciervo opened the election season today when he issued a writ of election that dissolved Parliament. This is the first election after the brief state of emergency caused by an inactive Parliament under the last Frias Government. It was during this emergency election that the contest for the seat of Ibelin, usually quiet, grew into a hard-fought race that ended in a tie and exploded into the national scene under the recent Code of Electoral Law. This election season, it is predicted that the Ibelin race will recapture national attention as more and more of its citizens rush to file candidacy papers to replace the recalled Lysander Spooner.

As this article went to press, Nicholas Bertrand of the new Liberal Alternative and a new citizen, Maynard D’Aire (Independent), filed their candidacy papers to run for the Ibelin seat. It is expected that Jean Carmicheal (AAP) will also do so, since he has previously stated his intent to run for said seat. Added to this is the wildcard – a renewed candidacy for the recalled Lysander Spooner (F-C) to regain his seat. Legally, since the recall election to replace him was never held, he is legally entitled to run for the Ibelin seat once more.

The Ibelin race is amounting to be a four-way race in a province where there are about six active citizens. Two of those – Jacques de Beaufort and Paul Joyce – have both been in an extended leave of absence for the last few months. If said citizens do not participate of the vote, it will be very likely that the race will be once again thrust into the national level for the second time in a row.

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