Immaturity a Significant Threat to Micronationalism

Results of the Coprieta Standard’s Micronations 2007 survey indicate that micronationalists believe immaturity among community members poses a substantial threat to the community’s future. Second only to immigration and participation levels (42.3%), immaturity was the biggest threat indicated by 28.2% of respondents. Immigration and participation levels were the primary threat reported by the simulationist community (51%), while the secessionists tend towards immaturity as the menace in the community’s outlook. Meanwhile, only three secessionists believe that macronational government is a potential hindrance in the future.

The survey results also show that micronationalists are a dedicated population, with only 5.7% of respondents indicating that they are members of five or more micronations, and 70.4% holding membership in two or less. While micronationalists may be dedicated at current in this respect, only 23.9% reported that they have been a member of only one micronation throughout their participation. Further, micronationalists also limit visits outside of their home micronations, with 71.8% claiming that they visit less than five micronations per month.

That participation has been for less than five years for the majority of members – 70.4% – while only three respondents report participation in micronationalism for longer than ten years. The results point toward an eventual retirement for micronationalists (a concept often dismissed, as “you can never leave”) due to the low numbers of respondents who have participated longer than five years (29.6%). It is to be noted, however, that the survey did not directly measure whether a micronationalist intends to retire from participation in the community.

Further results of the Micronations 2007 survey are forthcoming as July progresses.

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