Imperial Assembly dissolved, to return on Nov. 3rd

Deputies in the Imperial Assembly during the adjournment proceedings.

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – The Imperial Assembly formally closed it doors last Saturday, after the Assembly reached its constitutional term of four months on October 27th. Speaker Primo de Aguilar brought the Assembly to adjournment on Friday and the Emperor formally dissolved the legislature on Sunday, calling for the 3rd Imperial Assembly to open next Saturday, November 3rd.

The new session of the Imperial Assembly will have to select a new Speaker and the First Consul of the Empire as its first and second order of business. After a strong performance as Speaker during the 2nd Imperial Assembly, Primo de Aguilar is predicted to skip the arduous confirmation debate that Jean Carmicheal suffered at the hands of Sebastian Dev and the MoDems, and win his re-election to the post easily. The real fight will come in the selection of the First Consul, where incumbent First Consul Jacques Reynaud may very well face a challenge from a slowly resurgent Mouvement Democrate in the Imperial Assembly.

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