Imperial Assembly moves to choose First Consul

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – The newly opened 3rd session of the Imperial Assembly has begun the process to select the nation’s First Consul after formally reconfirming Primo de Aguilar (I-SA) to a second term as Speaker earlier this week. The incoming Reynaud Government is facing a clear vote of confidence in an Assembly that is currently sharply divided, with the chamber’s Independents holding the balance of power. The composition of the Assembly (at time of press)holds a slight edge for Reynaud’s Social Democratic Rally (5), against Ciervo’s Mouvement Democrate (4). The decision weighs heavily over the Assembly’s two independents – Speaker Primo de Aguilar (I-SA) and Reinaldo da Silva (I-SM).

“The work da Silva took to block one of his own Government’s key legislative pieces in the Income Tax Bill might bring him to support Ciervo,” says Professor George Clouseau of the Institute of Political Studies in Valenciennes. The November 2012 election brought forth a very divided and scared electorate, says the Professor. “We have to understand that the deep political transformation that the Empire has endured after the traumatic events of the Bouvet assasinations has made voters nervous, and people are still making their minds up.”

The majority of the Alexandrian electorate gave a slight majority to the Social Democratic Rally in this election, but the election edge will be short lived. In three constituencies across the Empire, the votes are still being counted – Eisenstadt in Galatia, Guthrie in Luthoria and Fontainebleau in Baudrix. In Eisenstadt, Katrina Kaan is projected to win a strong victory on behalf of a regional socialist Galatian party, the Workers’ Party. In Guthrie, newcomer Eimhear Schneider is projected to deliver that seat to the Mouvement Democrate, and in Fontainebleau, Jean-Marie Toussaint is on track to do the same. These will tip the composition of the Assembly firmly towards the Movement Democrate for the forseeable future.

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