Imperial Assembly opens as political conventions come to close

The Emperor en route to the Palace of the Tuileries for the opening of the Imperial Assembly.

Geneva, Baudrix; ABCC News – After a brief delay brought upon by added security measures and sweeps after the Bouvet assassinations, the opening of the Imperial Assembly pushed forward today, with a speech from His Imperial Majesty calling on the Imperial Assembly to “work to find common ground, especially in policy questions that affect the Empire greatly”. The Emperor made special mention of the economy and threats from abroad as two issues that the Assembly had to deal with. The Speech from the Throne ended with a brief but direct appeal to the Alexandrian people: “Rise up to the occasion and face our challenges.”

With the Mouvement Democrate and the Social Democratic Rally bringing their conventions to a close, the battle for the Palace of Vranscia begins – the Mouvement Democrate has elected Juan Ciervo as its new Party Leader and nominee for First Consul. The Social Democratic Rally confirmed its choice of Jacques Reynaud as leader, as well as confirming its political platform.

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