Imperial Gendarmarie release preliminary results of assassination investigation

Inspecteur Salvo Montalbano of the Imperial Gendarmarie explaining the results of the preliminary investigation.

The Imperial Gendarmarie have today released their preliminary findings into the assassination of First Consul Sebastien Dev and Mayor of Bouvet Claude Heriault.

Amongst a number of findings was the release of the name of the assassin, the type of weapons used and what they believe the motive to have been. It has emerged that the assassin was an Alexandrian native called Zjin Pierre Cubert. Cubert is of mixed heritage, with an Alexandrian father but an ethnic Jingdaoese mother. From the findings of the report it is indicated that Cubert had on his person three grenades, all of Babkhan origin, and an Ashkenatzan handgun from the firm PSI. The Imperial Gendarmarie was keen to stress that the origin of the grenades is not thought to be from the Kingdom of Babkha. They have explained that, much like in years gone by Lovely weaponry was the weapon of choice for terrorists due to the Lovely diaspora, the Blackfriar period of Babkhan history resulted in many weapon caches going unaccounted for.

The motive of Cubert appears to have been the recent Barbary Strait issue on which Mssr Dev had taken a stridently strong approach. Cubert, according to the Gendarmarie, appears to have believed that Dev was a reactionary and was plotting war against the Jindgaoese. He felt it was his patriotic duty, as the product of both Alexandria and Jingdao, to remove Dev from office.

Most worryingly of all the revelations is the belief that this was not an isolated madman but was part of a concerted group effort. The Imperial Gendarmarie is currently scouring Bouvet to find the remaining elements of this extremist group.

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