Inaugural Formula Z Race Postponed

The inaugural race of the Micronational Motorsports Formula Z circuit has been postponed until later this week. The race was scheduled to take place on 13 June at Atter-Circuit Field in Argaath Perez, but was forced to be postponed when a Formula Z official, John Sendler, fell ill. Details on the illness have not been released, though Formula Z management has stated that the injury was likely minor in scope. Sendler is a long time micronationalist who has been at the core of various sporting events, including the English (Language) Intermicronational Football Association, as well as various German micronational sporting events.

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Liam Sinclair
Owner/Senior Editor. One of the longest-serving micronational journalists, Sinclair started reporting in 2001. His work has since been recognized by several community awards.
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